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Take paracetamol if you have a fever. Take antibiotics if you suffering from a cold. Otherwise, take information from any non-health-related person. Some of these things are going on in the present condition of the world. Here are some simple examples. People do unthinkable things Which are beyond our understanding. because of these things, we do a lot of harm to our bodies. We never know that. This type of self-medication does not show results immediately but after some time your age.

In today’s world, every person is busy in his life. And if he realizes some disease above him, he tries to find a shortcut. Then he follows self-medication

Let’s see what exactly self-medication is. And what are their harmful effects on our health?

What is self-medication?

When you take any drugs, herbs, and home remedies on your own. Without consulting any health professional, or physician. You do this of your own free will.

Neither you do any discussion without contacting any doctor. is called self-medication


Self-medication is defined as medication used by a patient on his initiative or the advice of a layperson or person with no health background, without consulting a physician.

Risk of self-medication

In the above information, we know What is mean of self-medication So let’s understand the Harm of Self-medication.

●Self-medication Increase Resistance to Pathogens and causes serious Health hazards

●Adverse Reactions & Prolonged suffering of Antimicrobial Resistance

●people have a lack of knowledge about the dose, Strength of certain medications can lead to major side effects & Some time it may cause toxicity due to overdosing

Self-medication is a major problem in today’s world, due to self-medication Person can take medicine without proper knowledge. All are Problems are related To our Health care system.

Some people prefer to turn to self-medication due to their skepticism towards modern medicine. But you should know that fever is not normal as before. Our air is full of harmful toxins. So, actually the poisonous air is reaching the body through our breath and we are ingesting the dangerous diseases present in the air.

for that purpose, the Health care system is major Responsibility to care about That, any Health care person has major Responsibility to stop this type of concept which is self-medication.

A common person thinks that we go through a chemist’s shop and take medicines without any Prescription, due to their lack of time and sometimes any instead of financial Condition & any other such things. but due to that a given person can lead to various types of health harm.

for that purpose, a dispersing level of pharmacist is the most Important Role to Avoid such type of Practise The pharmacist can play a major & valuable Role in Identifying, solving & Preventing drug Related Problems.

The pharmacist will guide their customers to consult with any Physician for taking medicine by Self. The pharmacist can not sell some Important schedule-type drugs without Prescriptions.

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