Thank God 2022 Movie Honest Review & Story

Another movie from Ajay Devgan in Bollywood. Ajay introduced a movie after a long time that you can watch with your family. Let’s get a quick review about the Thank God Movie, that helps you to choose whether you should or should not watch this movie. 

Story of Thank God Movie

The story line of this movie starts from the story of Sidharth Malhotra who was a person who is deep under a huge loan. And in the role of his wife you are going to see Rakul Preet. He wants to sell his home to get some relief from the loan. Then he gets affected by an accident. 

Then he hangs between death and life, and appears in a different world. Then the dashing actor Ajay Devgan enters the films and plays a game with Sidharth Malhotra. This game will decide the life of Sid. This game helps and manages the bad and Good karma of Siddhartha Malhotra. 

Till that time the story of this film is good but the dialogue delivery and acting by the actors is very very bad. You can easily identify the overacting by actors. Till the intervals the paap ka Ghada of Sidharth Malhotra is filled about 98%. But once again the film is going to disappoint me because of the makers and acting.

Characters and casting in Thank God Movie

Then a game is Played with Sidharth by the C.G. means Chitra Gupt. Named The game of death and life, means if you win the game you will get life as a reward but if you lose it you will die. The result will be calculated by the thousands of ghosts that are already seated there as a judge. 

If you are thinking that this is a unique and self made film by Bollywood then you are wrong. Because this was also a remake of a Hollywood movie, just names are changed and some Desi mixture is added in it, and remake is ready. 

But after a long time, you can watch any Bollywood movies with your family. There is a mixture of comedy and emotion. But there are sometimes when you don’t need to find comedy scenes you will get automatically comedy by it being too low. 

If you think of the logic from the film then you are wrong, because there is no logic present in the film. The story of the film is just for kids. All the performances in this movie are average, like story, acting, etc. 

Final verdict about Thank God Movie

My suggestion is that you must watch this movie because after a long time Bollywood released any family drama movies. But if you are expecting something more than that then it is useless. This movie helps to keep some time with your family in this busy world. 

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