Ram Setu Movie Theme, Review, & Summary

Very welcome to our filmy army, today we are going to review another movie of Akshay Kumar that is Ram setu movie review. If you are excited regarding films and web series then please follow us for the latest movie and web series updates.

Ram Setu was Akshay Kumar’s fifth movie this year. None of the other actors have produced these vast numbers of movies this year. Akshay Kumar four films have been released in theaters and one on the OTT platform. 

But None of these five movies have been performed in public. The creators of These films had not been sufficient with the performance and collection of the films. And also the OTT movie named Kathputli also gave huge losses to Disney plus hotstar. 

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Theme of the Ram setu movie 

The theme of this movie is very good, as its story revolves around the Ram Setu pull that Sri ram has been created according to Ramayana. 

In this movie Akshay Kumar plays the role of an archaeologist, who has the job of gathering information regarding Ram Setu. In that he needed to find information about the origin of Ram Setu and when it was built. 

And as per the Villains in this movie they want to destroy the Ram Setu pull. And they revealed some evidence that links it to Ramayan and mahabharat. 

There are lots of things that you will see in this movie regarding ram setu and the makers have told this movie in a different manner that you will enjoy this movie. There are lots of things that will Shock you in this movie, but for that you need to view this movie.

Overall this movie revolves and is made up between the believers of Ram Setu and non-believers of Ram setu. Who will win in the end you will get at the end of this movie. 

Positive point of Ram Setu movie

  • The story Line of this movie is very unique because no one has made any movie around Ram Setu.
  • Action scenes of this movie are of next level, as the maximum of the action scenes are shot originally. 
  • Background music and sound quality is also awesome. Whenever the movie is predictable the sound and music will manage it very well.

Negative point of Ram Setu movie

  • One of the major drawbacks of this movie is the VFX. According to the movie it can be increased and shown much better than it.
  • Underwater scenes are also easily identified that they are made with Chroma key, but somewhere it really looks actual. 
  • The acting of Akshay Kumar sir is also not that good as it is known for. But in the action scenes Akshay Kumar has been doing very hard work by sir. 

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