Kota Factory Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story & Secrets

As we have given a lot of love to Kota Factory Season 1 and Season 2. As its first season was released on YouTube for free. And after a lot of popularity and user demand its season 2 rights have been bought by Netflix. And similarly to the next season, season 3 will also be released on Netflix.

The producer and director of kota factory season 3, announced that the kota factory season 3 will be released on 26th of August 2022. But due to some technical issues and some pending work the release date has been postponed.

But now your waiting will be over because it is officially confirmed by the Kota factory season 3 maker that this season will be released on Netflix in the month December end or at the starting of January 2023.

This is a very demanding web series and its first two parts or seasons have been performing very well in public. Hopefully this new season will impress you and your love will keep with Kota factory maker’s.

If you have watched the first two seasons of Kota factory then you have realized that these two seasons have been launched in black and white screen. But there are some interesting things that you will notice in the quota factory season 3, these things are as follows. 

Some unknown things about kota factory season 3

All the editing and other paperwork of Kota factory season 3 has been done. The promotional activities of Kota factory season 3 has been starting within this month or the next month.

As if you have seen the first two seasons of the Kota factory you have seen that only 5 to 7% of color has been used in the whole series. But this number has been increased in the quota factory season 3 that will be in 20 to 25% in color. Hope your engagement will increase.

There has been no trailer or teaser released of Kota factory season 3, but hopefully it will be released in the November month. Not a single poster has been revealed of Kota factory season 3, but we cannot do anything in it, unless of waiting. 

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