Black Adam (2022) OTT Released Date, Review in India?

After the continuity of flop movies given by Bollywood, the maximum Indian audience is shifted to the Hollywood movies. And if you are watching the Hollywood movies then show that you have the love of “the rock”, his new movie is released named as Black Adam

But the maximum audience cannot afford the expensive movie ticket of these Hollywood movies, that’s why they love to watch these movies on the OTT platform. But, the feeling and enjoyment of watching  Hollywood movies in the theater is insane. But today we are going to talk about the movie Black Adam release date on the OTT platform

Black Adam Released date in India

This Black Adam is released on 20th of October 2022 in the Indian theaters. So if you have a budget, and want the full feeling of the film then, our suggestion will be you must watch this film in the theater. 

If you are an OTT platform user such as Amazon prime, Disney plus hotstar, or Netflix then you have noticed that this film Black Adam hasn’t sold its digital rights in India. 

Black Adam OTT Rights 

But DC comics has sold the digital rights of Black Adam to HDO Max, but this deal is done in the United States of America. Then you are waiting for it to be over because after this deal black Adam should be soon released on ott platform in India. 

HDO max has announced that after 45 days of releasing Black Adam in the Indian theater this film will be released in the OTT platform of HDO max. But if you are an Indian user then you cannot access HDO max in India. 

Hopefully Disney plus or Hotstar will buy this film in India, but as we have seen in the past with the DC films Disney plus or Hotstar haven’t seen any interest in buying any DC film. But it can’t be predicted because if the Indian audience shows a lot of interest in this film then surely it will be bought by Hotstar. 

But one of the major questions is which OTD platform will buy this Black Adam OTT Digital Rights. Hopefully we get some information regarding this film in India. Whenever we get any updates and important information regarding this film we will surely update it on our site. So please subscribe to us to get valuable information quickly. 

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