Black Adam 2022 Movie review & Summary

Recently we have talked about the black Adam movie release date in India and finally today the 20th October this Amazing Black Adam is finally released in India. 

Today we are going to share our opinions about this film and a detailed review about Black Adam. 

So if you are interested in the Hollywood movies and want to watch this Black Adam, so before watching this film please read this article till end. This will give you an idea that you should or should not watch this movie. So let’s start 

Black Adam Overview

Black Adam was one of the most awaited movies of DC. First time DC showed any anti-superhero as his name was black Adam and this amazing role is played by all of us favorite The Rock. 

The body performance and the character is perfectly suitable for the Rock. As we have already seen in the trailer he is doing a tremendous job. You have haven’t idea about the other co stars in this film but after watching this film, it is concluded that the co stars also did very hard work for making this film. 

Storyline in Black Adam movie

The role and acting by the rock is quite good but some of us can find some mistakes in their acting, but overall he does very hard work in this film.

As if to talk about the story line of this film, how the rock means the black Adam gets his powers and how he fights against evil, and how he wants to finish the evils from their origin. 

In this film the power that black Adam has his insane, because he got a lot of powers in this film that means it is very difficult to fight with black Adam. That’s why in this film there was a time when black Adam needed to close for 5000 Years, and after that how he escaped from it. 

Then they show another villain in this movie and how the Black Adam fights against him. With the black Adam you are also going to see a lot of  the Justin society role in this film. 

The Costumes and acting of all the actors is mind blowing and the story line is also awesome. So friend, if you are interested to know about the story of Black Adam, how we get his power and how we fight with the evils, my suggestion is that you must take this film to the theater. Because there you will get full enjoyment and feel of the movie. 

Positive part of Black Adam

The positive things of this film is that the graphics they have used and the fight scenes, timing and their sequence of this film is very good. You will get no stop action scenes and violence, so there is no chance that you will bore while watching this movie

The visual and graphic are 50-50 because person to person choices are different. But as we talk about the DC Action movie the visuals and graphics are used very well and in an effective Manner. But you will get some yellow toning in this movie. 

Negative part of Black Adam

But when we talk about the negativity of this film is that after a certain period of time the story is going to be predictable so enjoyment of watching Hollywood movies decreases. So after watching the start of the movie you can easily predict the end of it. 

Another negative point of this film is the character development and the connection between the character and Audience can be improved by the makers. 

Final verdict about Black Adam

Overall this is a very good movie and I love this movie very much. I am also going to recommend this movie if you love the Superman movies and have some love for the rock. If you skip some silly mistakes in this movie then you must love it. 

In the last of this film you will get some ideas regarding the other parts of this film that you can expect after watching this film in the theater. If you are waiting for this movie to be watched on OTT then you must check out our past article to get the idea regarding the release date of Black Adam on OTT. 

My final opinion is that you must watch this film in the theater. I will give this film an 8/10 rating. Please comment on your rating as well so that we can also know your Opinion about it. 

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